Investment Firm

The MHC Capital business model is predicated on the acquisition of mobile home communities that cash flow from day one, but offer significant upside through filling empty sites (monetizing them). Currently, we own 28 mobile home parks in 5 states with approximately 4400+ sites totaling $150M+ in market value.

Property Management

FTI Property Management, Inc. is a full-service property management company specializing in the manufactured housing industry. FTI currently manages 28 manufactured housing communities in 5 states representing over 4000 sites throughout the Midwest.


Fieldstone Construction, Inc. is a residential construction company that works closely with FTI to rehabilitate manufactured homes throughout the communities FTI manages. Fieldstone has crews throughout the Midwest consisting of electricians, plumbers, concrete specialists, framers, and roofers.


Flagship Realty, Inc. is a residential realty company specializing in the acquisition and sale of high-end luxury homes throughout Southern California.

Law Firm

Granderson and Associates is a boutique law firm pioneering the use of Delaware Statutory Trusts and other tax deferment strategies in the manufactured housing industry.

About Us

Granderson Holdings is a real estate investment firm that executes residential and commercial real estate transactions on behalf of our investors. Our vertically integrated group of companies allows us to maximize control and efficiency in managing the investment process. Vertical integration reduces turn-around times, minimizes risk and maximizes profit margins. Granderson Holdings serves as a unique "one stop" investment vehicle for first-time and experienced investors.

Granderson Holdings

Today's investment landscape has forced many investors to choose between extremely modest returns on their capital or placing their money in investment vehicles with higher risk. Granderson Holdings has consistently provided our investors with double digit returns within a framework of minimal risk. In addition, the firm's consulting and legal subsidiaries provide real estate investment training and deal structuring services for investors looking to raise capital and structure their own residential and commercial deals.

Investment Capital

Law Firm